You've probably heard quite a bit about about Lea Michele by now, if not through the, like, best series, like, everrrr, Glee, then because she caused a bit of a furore a couple of months ago in her photoshoot for US GQ. Feminists were up in arms, saying it was another example of the disgusting objectification of women, as while the male star kept his clothes on throughout the shoot, both Lea and Dianna Agron were made to pose in a variety of undignified positions. 

Though we share these sentiments to an extent, we also believe that, being independent, young women in possession of a good degree of autonomy, they are capable of making their own decisions. To the best of our knowledge, they weren't physically forced into taking their clothes off. In assuming they were paid a not uncharitable sum for the shoot, we say, if anything, blame the ever-appealing lure of that evil, green paper. Don't blame the so-called 'male dominated hierarchy' for perpetuating female sexualisation. It just ain't right, duckie.

Lea Michele's got a tattoo on her foot. Or some bird poo

Lea attended the Billboard Fifth Annual Women in Music Awards in New York last night, where she was given the first ever Triple Threat Award for her combined brilliance in singing, acting and dancing. Wow. That is quite impressive. Though everyone's got their own talents. It's just that some are more recognised than others. We can eat a litre of ice-cream with a box of Celebrations as a garnish, but do we receive national adulation for this? No. We get St. Jamie Oliver screaming down our ear.

Lea started her performing career at the grand old age of seven. This was rather lazy on her part, when you consider that Shirley Temple was onstage by the age of three. Anyhow, she's done well to catch up. Unlike Shirley Temple, however, early fame does not seem to have sent Lea off the rails. It must have something to do with those extra four years of maturity.