We don’t know about you, but we liked Leona Lewis how she was. And by this we mean, a hot, sweet 25-year-old singer with an angelic voice and bosom so heaving you could use it to power ships.

Hence we were disturbed when we awoke to discover that Lewisham’s finest has undergone a transformation. Gone is the innocent singer we’ve come to know and love and here is a badass diva with a straight fringe, high heels, a tight skirt and a half see-through top featuring a set of lips that highlight her cacophonous chest. Actually, hold disturbed facial expression, because... Leona 2.0 is smokin’.

Bieber sighed. He knew it was the closest he'd ever get to her ass

The former The X Factor winner debuted her new look at the Los Angeles premiere of Justin Bieber’s film Never Say Never. Her review? “The move was really good :). Really sweet x.”

No Pandas died in the making of this carpet

Our review? “We don’t care, we haven’t seen it, and we won’t, unless we’re taken hostage and given the choice of watching it or experiencing a grizzly death. And even then, we’d check just how grizzly the death was before ordering our popcorn.”

And talking of popcorn, Leona, who has been working with the likes of David Guetta, didn’t eat any. Why? Because her strict diet decrees she, “only eats vegetables and non-processed food”. We know. Bo-ring! Although she does, “have a soft spot for chocolate”, which is lucky because we’ve just turned up at her hotel wearing nothing but cocoa body paint. Wow, her security guard must have a soft spot for chocolate too. Oh. See you in 3-5 years.