Yesterday, we brought you the breaking news that Leona Lewis had transformed herself from a boring, butter-wouldn’t-melt good girl into a kick-ass badass diva. And boy how you lot responded.

”Messy,” commented ‘niellyg’ (his avatar is a man in a suit brandishing his middle finger, FYI). While ‘Naz11k’ roared, “Shoes are so wrong.” Hmmm. We can’t say we looked at the shoes, preferring to focus on the giant pink lips that adorned her chest, but perhaps he works at Clarks or has a fetish or something.

Anyway, back to Leona. She went out in Los Angeles again last night and this time the 25-year-old used a giant yellow bow to draw male eyeballs to her bosom. Saucy minx. She’s up to something. Like trying to seduce a man. Or, we know, trying to seduce lots of men into voting for her in our 100 Sexiest Women in the World poll.

Yes, that’s it. Leona is so upset that the likes of Eva Mendes, Mila Kunis and Rachel Stevens finished above her last year that she’s started to wear clothing specifically designed to etch her curvaceous visage into your subconscious.

And do you know who makes the clothing specifically designed to etch her curvaceous visage into your subconscious? Leona Bloody Lewis, that’s who. The plot thickens as quickly as her midriff tightens.

But enough with the conspiracy theories, we want to know about you guys. Have you ever designed an outfit that’s gone wrong? Let us know your sartorial DIY disasters and if we print your story in the magazine you’ll be rewarded with £25. Oooh, check us flashing the cash.

Sure she was smiling, but in a ditch somewhere a naked clown lay sobbing