Neon Hitch is a singer. Neon Hitch is from London. Neon Hitch is pretty fly. Would you like to hear some more about Neon Hitch while looking at pictures of her taken last night at something called the Jingle Ball1 in Pennsylvania? If yes, then read on. If no, then we fear this article won't really be your speed.

Neon Hitch in a, um, costume
We're not sure what's going on here either but we can all agree that golden hotpants are a GOOD THING

Firstly, Neon is actually her legitimate birth name and not some form of stage-based affectation – possibly because her dad was an electrician, who knows? Unlike many kids she didn't attend school and instead travelled around Europe flogging jewellery and working in a circus so she's doing fairly well for herself, considering.

She's been on only once before (a criminal lack of times, we realise, in retrospect) when we made some flippant comments about her Halloween costume – although given her stage garb and general get-up, she might have just been out for a quiet drink with friends and thrown something on at random. You can be the judge of that. Hopefully as her career continues into its ascendancy we'll have her on here a lot more.

Neon Hitch sings onstage at the Jingle Ball
We had a hat like that once but we had to transfer it to the garden after it outgrew its plantpot

Her music is grimey poppy dancey badass, with a healthy dollop of auto-tuning on the side – but in a good way, so it sounds a little bit like it's from the future. Her London roots show through occasionally in her accent and fuck-you additude, especially in the video for Gucci Gucci in which she gives out free handbags on the streets of New York (and dances around in her pants, which is great and everything, but that's not the most important thing to take away from the video honest).

So, yes; she's pretty awesome. Keep an eye for her.

1 Fun Fact: Jingle Ball also a kind of festive venereal disease