If you know anything about singer Lily Allen, you’ll probably recall that she doesn’t mind GETTING SHOUTY at people on Twitter. Perez Hilton and Piers Morgan are just two of many people who have been on the receiving end her of angry tweets.

One of her longstanding online nemeses ('coz online nemeses are so postmodern) is columnist Julie Birchill, a self described “militant feminist” and currently a writer for The Independent.

Furious tweeting kicked off between these two again recently. To be fair it looks like Julie started this one, in an article describing Lily as an “over-privileged cry-baby”, Lily later shot back at Julie via Twitter “you are an ignorant and bitter old troll”. Internet fight!

They have been at it for years so this is probably not the end of this one. We speculate it could be a publicity stunt, as we all know how much people like to watch a fight, right? (Because society on the whole is just like school.)

Lily found the effects of putting superglue in her hair amusing

Twitter abuse aside, Lily’s got a wedding coming up with Sam Cooper; a 32-year-old painter and decorator who has no Wikipedia entry... yet. They’re set to marry on the 21st at St. James The Great Church in Cranham, Gloucestershire.  Attendees include Keith Allen (daddy) and Elton John (not daddy). Slightly scary fashion mogul Karl Lagerfeld is designing the wedding dress. We think it’d be funny of they played F*ck You at the wedding reception. Here’s to hoping.

Interesting fact, apparently Lily has a third nipple. WHERE IS IT?