It's HOT, isn't it? It's hot as balls out there. God knows what's going on with the weather right now – we ditched our lightweight but fashionable woolen coat and scarf for a Fab icecream and a pair of board shorts, and quite right too. Lindsay Ellingson is also managing to stay comfortable during the heatwave by removing almost all of her clothes and hanging around in a dimly-lit room. 

Linsday Ellingson for VS
Also, she in the past, where it was colder due to lack of global warming

Genius! It's also very sexy, which is good news for us. Similarly sexy ways of cooling down which we're not testing in the FHM office due to LAWSUITS are: 

- Taking a cool bath with strategically placed bubbles and maybe some candles
- Eating ice cream but getting it all over yourself oh no
- Standing close to a fan so your hair goes all floaty, but not so close that your voice sounds like a robot's voice
- Emerging sensually from a swimming pool and shaking the water droplets off yourself in a manner entirely unlike a dog
- Wearing a scandalous translucent jumper crafted entirely from icicles
- Getting into a saucy catfight with a female yeti

Linsday Ellingson for VS
Come on, who hasn't dreamed of getting it on with a yeti?

They're all great. If Lindsay wants to try any of those, we'll give her a hand in staying at a comfortable temperature, or at the very least write about some pictures of her while the logistics are carried out by trained professionals.

What? It's an advert? For Victoria's Secret knickers? Goddamnit, we've been fooled again. We really need to be less trusting.