Victoria’s Secret are making some more clothes. But you knew that already, right? We’ve been telling you about it for the last few days, so in between the swimsuit models, “pink carpet” galas and push-up bikinis you must have twigged it. Here’s a video of Lindsay Ellingson wearing some stuff from their new “Gorgeous” range. Aptly named!

It’s all been a bit damp recently on account of them doing this new Swim line, which is great and all, but as you can see they’ve also made some more normal bras and pants for use on dry land. Why’s that, we wonder? Surely last year’s bras and pants still work just fine. 

Although they probably hired her after they came up with the name

Hell, we’ve still got some pants from when we were 17 at the bottom of our underwear draw that we wear at the end of a washing cycle and desperately hope that no-one actually sees them. Sure, they’re got a couple of holes in and the waistband’s started to go, but they still do the job of stopping our nads touching our jeans on a day-to-day basis.

Maybe women are evolving faster than men and they need increasingly advanced and complex bra architecture (or “brarchitecture,” as the experts call it) to keep their wobbly bits in check. Or maybe their pants use next-gen materials to cover up their lady gardens. We’re not experts on the technical side of all this, you realise. We’re more in it for the pictures of pretty women.

Pervy lamposts crowded together to sneak a peek

Did you know that Michael Bay is directing another commercial for the folks at Victoria’s Secret? After his success with the last one, he’s actually taken the models to a haunted ship and had them walk around in their underwear. Model Chanel Iman, who was there, said: “I was in there literally ten minutes and I promise you I saw a ghost. I saw a couple of ghosts.”