Being a super hot model for Victoria’s Secret has many perks, including adoration from men worldwide and invites to gargantuan sized raves hosted by Charlie Sheen. Oh, and free bras too.

That’s certainly the case for Lindsay Ellingson, anyway*. Don’t know who she is? We pity you, fool. But all you really need to know is the following:

a) She’s scorchingly hot and thus makes us feel a bit tingly
b) She makes a living by parading up and down in lingerie
c) She’s a Victoria’s Secret model

Lindsay Ellingson on the Victoria's Secret red carpet with a sexy bra
"So, where do I put this again?"

Thinking about it, all we really needed to say was the last bit. Whoops. Anyway, the sexy blonde turned up at her employer’s bash yesterday in Chicago and nabbed a free blue bra – we’re guessing it was a little ‘thank you’ gesture for walking up and down in a straight line at fashion shows for the past five years. It’s a tough life, no?

Not that we’re complaining. Girls like Lindsay make the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show a bigger event than baby Jesus’ birthday in our calendar (we’ve still got the last one on repeat in the office).

It’s a good thing she’s been given that bra, mind - she’s not even wearing one in these pictures! We don’t want her to catch a cold and start getting really ill. Otherwise she might not be able to work / strut around in underwear on a regular basis. Though our number one concern is her health, obviously…

Lindsay Ellingson on the Victoria's Secret red carpet with a sexy bra
"I tried putting it on my behind first, but it wouldn't stay on"

*We can’t vouch for the Charlie Sheen invite. Though knowing Charlie like we do, she was probably kicking about somewhere. The lucky swine.