It’s always a bit depressing when you realise your parents can out-party you. FHM had that moment at a family wedding a few years back when we took ourselves off to bed at a respectable hour and found Mum and Dad still drinking when we came down to breakfast. Guess who drove who home?

"If I don't look at her, she'll probably go away"

You’d think of all people Lindsay Lohan would be able take on her mum in the partying stakes. She’s world renowned for her wild ways. If partying was an Olympic sport, our girl Lindsay would be there standing atop the podium, clutching the gold medal thanking her lucky stars that she never paid any attention to that silly ankle monitor that the pesky court made her wear.

"Works every time"

However, as these pictures suggest, Lindsay’s mum has no trouble keeping up with her daughter whatsoever. It seems that Lindsay took her ‘mom’ Dina here out in New York City to dabble in some light nightlife. They probably hit up some bars, talked to some nice people and generally walked around looking absolutely lovely. More mums and daughters should party together, let’s make this happen.