In between court appearances, Lindsay Lohan is changing her name by deed poll – and she’s getting rid of the second half of it. Is she really famous enough to pull off “Lindsay?”

A lot of celebrities change their names if they reckon that the one that their mum and dad gave ‘em isn’t cool enough. Guns and Roses lead singer Axl Rose was born as “William Bailey,” and while that’s now a name associated with great music it’s perhaps not what Axl was going for.

Dido, pop-songstress and brother to Rollo off Faithless, was born with the name “Florian Cloud de Bounevialle Armstrong,” which presumably doesn’t fit on a CD. Goldie, drum and bass godfather, was born “Clifford Price” which sounds like somewhere you buy cheap sofas. Natalie Portman was born “Natalie Hershlag.” It’s a horrible name. Props on changing it.

Attempts to stem Lindsay's shoplifting habit included affixing a bowling ball to her hand

But Lindsay Lohan is legally changing her name to just plain ol’ “Lindsay,” in a tradition spearheaded Madonna, Prince, Bono, Cher and Napoleon – although these people were all stand-out talents, and Lindsay’s yet to show us exactly what it is she’s good at.

Seeing as everyone’s been calling her Li-Lo (a bit like she’s a celebrity couple with herself in the style of “Bennifer” and “Tomkat”) they’ll presumably have to just call her “Li” instead, which doesn’t have such a ring to it nor does it sound like inflatable pool furniture.

Her mother and sisters are also getting rid of the name to distance themselves from her father Michael Lohan and to get a fresh start. Although they’ve done the sensible thing and given themselves a replacement surname, and Lindsay’s figured she’s iconic enough to not need one. We reckon it makes her sound like an ITV2 daytime chat show.