Lindsay Lohan gets lots of photo shoot gigs, doesn’t she? This time, she’s looking serene and sexy for Italian design house Fornarina and their Fall / Winter 2010 collection. Not bad for a girl who just a few months ago was having her mugshot taken, being tossed in prison and issued with a stint in rehab for violating the terms of her probation. But guess what? These photos were taken BEFORE she went to jail. That’s right.She probably squeezed it in between getting her nails done and having that meeting with her lawyer when the lawyer finally told her that she was going to prison and there was nothing she could do about it and would she mind paying the bill please?

Lindsay Lohan in jeans

Lohan’s posed for Fornarina before, she did their Spring / Summer campaign last year. It was…. HANG ON. Why does Lindsay Lohan look just like Megan Fox in these pictures? Where are her freckles? What evil Photoshop witchcraft have they done to her face? Was Megan Fox too expensive, Fornarina? Was she busy canoodling with Armani? Poor Lindsay. All she wants to do is get her career back on track. She knows, deep down, that she’s a damn good actress. She’s in Machete, dammit. She’s going to make the world love her again. And the Creative Director at Fornarina’s just standing behind a man wearing those glasses that all Photoshop gurus wear and inching a picture of Megan Fox towards him, whispering, “Just get her to look like this, alright?”

There is no justice in this world.

Lindsay Lohan handbag

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