It’s the Capital FM Summertime Ball and there’s pop music, rain and a little bit of public groping going down. Lisa Snowdon is looking slightly awkward alongside Capital FM co host Jonny Vaughan and his magical hands. But it’s all in good fun.

Over 75,000 people have flocked to Wembley stadium for the event. Knowing this in advance, the sun has decided not to attend the festivities.  But we are British, and knowing this, the crowd laughs in the face the consistent rain, expecting and getting nothing from the weather. Take that, hydrologic cycle, we just don’t care anymore.

The annual musical extravaganza is a good way to see what is currently hot in pop music. So who are the kids into these days? This year’s acts included Cee Lo green, Ne-Yo, and J Lo (Lo, Yo, Lo hohoho). There was also a band called LMFAO (lo, yo, lo, hohoho, LMFAO; is this the ultimate evolution of music?).

Apparently the music went down swimmingly, but aren’t you interested in the fascinating groping?  Of course you are! Don’t you want to find out more about Lisa’s many achievements? Sure you do. FHM, ever your buddy, is happy to oblige!

Johnny Vaughan vs. Lisa Snowdon
Uh - oh

Before talking at large groups of people through the medium of radio, Lisa Snowdon was doing alright as a model. Appearing in cover shots for Vogue, Marie Claire and Elle; she went on to be the "elevator girl" for Lynx deodorant in 2003. She was also the face for Gucci. Then we suppose, speedily and magically she became a presenter for Capital FM (the term face for radio not applying here, clearly). So she’s a face, a voice and a body too. What anatomical feature will she be next?  Maybe she could be an extension of Jonny Vaughan’s hands? She could have a talent for it.

We think she kept her composure quite well.