Liz Hurley might have been around longer than many of you can remember, but she’s still got it. So much, in fact, men are wandering around after her making obscene gestures and shouting.

Liz is still staggeringly gorgeous – as gorgeous as she was all those years ago, co-starring along toothy weirdo Mike Myers in Austin Powers (before being replaced with the younger Heather Graham, who was in turn replaced by Beyoncé). As gorgeous as she was when she played the Devil in box-office flop Bedazzled alongside the ruggedly handsome Brendan Fraser.

As gorgeous as she was when… when… well, okay, she hasn’t actually done a lot of films. Or TV appearances. Didn’t she do something with Chandler off Friends? She wore a hat in it. She’s been photographed a bunch, though! And she went out with Hugh Grant. He’s the good-looking cad our mothers and girlfriends all wish we could be. She deserves some respect for that at least.

Which is why FHM can’t condone this guy’s behaviour. No matter how gorgeous Liz looks in her skin-tight, all-black ensemble, she doesn’t deserve to be chased around by randoms while they make hooting noises.

Liz Hurley ignores a hooting man
"Liz! Liz! LIZ! Look at my Spiderman impression! LIZ COME ON"

But maybe we’re being too harsh. Maybe we’re jumping to conclusions. Maybe he’s playing street cricket and has to catch out a high-scoring batsman. Is street-cricket a thing? It should be a thing. It sounds more exciting than normal cricket, but that’s not exactly difficult.

Maybe he’s carrying a glass vase of such pristine beauty that it appears completely transparent the to camera. Or a big window someone could drive a car through during a comedy chase scene. Or he’s a mime postman carrying an imaginary package to a make-believe address.

Maybe he’s in a West End musical and he’s practicing his jazz-hands. It’s a little-known fact that jazz-hands are the most important part of any musical performance. He’s obviously devoted to his art.

As we were unable to get hold of him for comment, we’ll never know what his motivations were. So we can only assume that our initial impressions were correct, and he’s trying to attract her attention by shouting and making boob shapes with his hands. Not cool, man. Not cool.