Louisa Lytton. Not what they call an ‘A-lister’, sure. Not a household name, like Brad Pitt or Fairy Liquid. But that doesn’t matter. We can’t all be mega-famous. Shut up, Warhol, we can’t.

Louisa Lytton, for those that have forgotten or never knew int’ first place, found demi-fame playing Ruby Allen in EastEnders.

She then went on to play Tosh’s girlfriend or something in The Bill (we’d stopped watching it by then).

She was on Strictly Come Dancing in 2006. But who hasn’t been on Strictly? Saying “the actress who was on Strictly” is a bit like saying “the dinner at Gordon Ramsay’s house that was a bit delicious”. They all are – SEE?

Her best dances were the Jive and Cha-Cha-Cha, ‘case you were wondering.

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Anyway, these lovely photos were taken last night outside the Westbury Hotel in London. We don’t know what she was doing there, because we were busy watching a burlesque dancer’s left breast repeatedly coming out to say hello at an FHM party. It was good, but looking at these photos, we wouldn’t have minded a night at the Westbury.

We think Louisa Lytton looks just smashing here. A lovely little bundle of sanguine radiance. Proper girlfriend material. Sure, she looks a tiny, tiny bit like a young Jane McDonald crossed with Jayne Middlemiss, but is that necessarily a bad thing? Not necessarily, no. Not at all, in fact.

We're feeling a bit delicate right now, and what we'd like more than anything is for Louisa Lytton to give us a big hug. Not in a naughty way or anything like that, just in a 'her wrapping her little arms around us as tight as possible and nestling her head on our chest like a doting little chipmunk' kind of way.

Shared too much, did we? Yeah, thought so.