We’ve come to the conclusion that, in a somewhat unavoidable fashion, we’ve begun to genuinely fall in love with Kelly Brook.

Just look at her. Here she is in Italy at the Ischia Global Music and Film Festival, enjoying an ice cream and wearing a floaty summer dress. What’s not to like? We could be there. We could buy her the ice cream, if she wanted, although we’d probably mock her for having a wafer in it and not a flake like a proper person would, and we’d laugh together and hold hands and smile.

Kelly Brook in Italy
Maybe we'd see a funny dog or something too

Stop us if we’re worrying you. Is this, you know, weird? We can’t actually tell. We don’t normally write about our secret ice cream-based fantasies with models on the site (we keep them safely locked up in the journal under our desk) but it’s getting increasingly difficult to write objectively about Kelly Brook on account of her LOVELY FACE.

Kelly Brook in Italy

Can we really love her, without properly getting to know her (aside from a plethora of interviews and photoshoots, admittedly, but we’ve never been on a date or anything)? Probably not. You’d think that would stop us, and yet here we are, awkwardly confessing our probably actual love on the internet in front of thousands of people.

Kelly Brook enjoys an ice cream
We can't be stopped

So, um, yeah. This is sort of difficult. Do you agree with us? Does she make you feel all funny too? Is Kelly Brook deserving of the love and affection of the UK’s best-selling men’s mag? We’re beginning to think so. And can a men’s mag truly love a woman? We’re willing to find out.