To celebrate the launch of the brand new issue, FHM gathered together all our pals (not to mention our mind-explodingly beautiful FHM Girlfriends) for a massive party blow-out at Sharps Barbers in Windmill Street, London.

fhm october launch party

fhm october launch party

Sharps is awesome for several reasons: Firstly because they had truck loads of delicious booze there waiting for us. Secondly you could get a hair cut at the same time as you partied and thirdly they had a ping pong table.

A ping pong table in a barbers. If that doesn’t blow your minds, nothing will.

We were joined by such lovely people as FHM Girlfriends Beth Humphreys and Nicole Neal.who impressed us with their ability to knock back their beers and still A) look gorgeous and B) still be better dancers than the entire FHM office put together.

Nicole Neal and Beth Humphrey at FHM launch party

And, of course, there was also our incredible cover star Lucy Mecklenburgh.

She was so proud of her new cover, she brought it with her, even though it was massive and probably completely doubled her taxi fair and broke a fair few health and safety rules.

From then things started to get a little hazy (if anyone’s managed to find our Art Director, last seen talking to a lamp post in Soho, please return him…) but we can confirm that we ended up in Whisky Mist in Mayfair. 

Where Jay from UK boyband The Wanted appeared, along with the insanely gorgeous Kelsey Hardwick, who also happens to be Tom's (also from The Wanted) girlfriend.

Around this point, we learnt that Jay can not drink anywhere near as much as Tom. In fact Jay spent a great deal of time crouched over with his head in his hands.

To the extent that, at one point, Lucy decided to use him as a very convenient seat.

Lucy Mecklenburgh at Whisky Mist for the FHM issue launch party

We also learnt that Tom introduces himself as “Tom from the Wanted.” Which is weird but also kind of who he is though, so it’s fine.

Plus he did make up for it by showing a surprising amount of geeky guitar based knowledge when quizzed by our web editor.

Then someone brought out a massive cocktail that was so big it could have been a play pen for a baby hippo. Or a very large (and shaved) guinea pig.

It was so impressive that even a weird Jarvis Cocker look-alike couldn’t stop staring at it and photobombed our otherwise glorious and very sexy snap…


Thanks to Bondi Beer for keeping us topped up with top Aussie hops.

Thanks to FHMManFood sponsors BrewDog for providing us with a load of their Punk IPA.

brewdog - fhm launch party

Thanks to Mahiki for making us feel like we were on holiday with their awesome Mahiki Coconut Rum.

And thanks to Southern Comfort for sharing their new Southern Comfort Lime with us.

Southern comfort - fhm launch party

Thanks to Drinkstuff for sending us some red American party cups. Without you guys, we would have been licking it off the floor.

To find out what all the fuss is about, buy the brand new issue of FHM!