The sexy Lucy Mecklenburgh, who you’ll know very well from our October issue, has put together an exercise video. Which means seeing a fit girl in clingy workout gear getting into all sorts of wonderful positions.

This video might cause you to fall into a hypnotic trance. For the play-by-play, scroll down and read what's occuring.

01 It's always a little baffling to see a girl in the gym wearing a full face of make-up, but we’re more than happy to make an exception.
Lucy Mecklenburgh's workout video

02 It's easy to see how the woman with the hottest bikini body claimed her title. Especially when there's tight gym gear involved.Lucy Mecklenburgh's workout video

03 Here, she shows us how her lower body and core strength allows her to wrap her legs around this lucky bloke. Lucy Mecklenburgh's workout video

04 Here she demonstrates the bent-over lateral raise…or something. Basically, she's waving dumbells up and down like a sexy bird of prey.Lucy Mecklenburgh's workout video

05 You might recognise this as a yoga move, or something you might have been lucky enough to see in the bedroom. Either way, we’d like to see more of it.Lucy Mecklenburgh's workout video

And relax...

You have to subscribe to her fitness website to see the rest of her videos, but it’s a small price to pay when it involves Lucy Meck and Lycra.

Words by Melissa Wylie.


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