Bike insurance isn't normally top of our list of priorities. The potential for tarmac-skidding face-removal has always meant we're more comfortable hauled up inside a sturdy Fiesta listening to Phil Collins than exposed to the elements on the back of a metal horse of death. 

But, if we ever did get a bike and wanted to insure it, we'd now know where to go. Apparently Bennetts are the UK's number 1 for bike insurance. We don't know if that's true, but we do know they've filmed this rather splendid new advertisement featuring chesty babe Lucy Pinder and some of her equally curvaceous chums. 

The video was created as part of Bennetts' 80th Birthday celebrations, which is interesting since we only found out they exist ten minutes ago.

Lucy launched Bennetts' search for the Bennetts Babes back in 2006. Bennetts Babes, as far as we can discern, are girls with large breasts who look good washing motorbikes. The two girls helping her in the video - Charlotte Toon and Stephanie Hall - are part of the current 'Bennetts Babes squad'.

Lucy said, "Despite being put through our paces, the video was a lot of fun to make and I hope everyone had as much fun watching as we had making it!"

'Put through their paces'? They were washing a little motorbike, for heaven's sake, not a blood-and-mud-splattered Chieftain tank. And the bike looked pretty clean to start with. No grit, these glamour models. 

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