Everyone, stop what you’re doing and get in here. We’re not kidding. This is the best thing we’ve seen in years, and it’s got Lucy Pinder in it.

Remember, many moons ago, there was a website called Subservient Chicken? Maybe you don’t – it’s okay, it was a while back. It featured a man in a chicken suit who would do whatever you wanted when you typed in a command on the site – so if you said 'run', he’d run around, and if you said 'smoke', he’d get out a cigarette, that sort of thing.

Lucy Pinder for Lynx
'You want me to do what?'

Of course, it was all pre-filmed videos and a text interpreter, but it was fun. Now imagine that but combine it with jaw-dropping 32G British glamour model Lucy Pinder, and you can see why we’re so exciting.

It’s all in aid of Lynx, and their products that stop you from sweating too much or in too smelly a fashion. You go to the Lynx Website, and type in a thing that you want to see Lucy doing. Then she does it in tight clothing, more often than not.

Lucy Pinder for Lynx
DJing, here

Alright, to be honest, more often than not she does something close to the word – we typed in 'smiling' and we got a video of her being tickled with a feather – but that’s okay, really. What Lynx have given us is a tremendous resource of Lucy Pinder videos which we’ll have to search through ourselves so that we can see them all.

Lucy Pinder for Lynx
They've thought of everything

You hear that? Lynx have made a treasure hunt and the treasure is breasts. Yes. Our apologies in advance for not writing anything for a while, we’ll be busy. But then again, so will you.