Happy Friday, everyone. Lucy Pinder is here to usher in the weekend with some stunning shots from her photoshoot for Lynx that we made you aware of earlier this week. Did you have fun playing with the Lucy Pinder game? We certainly did. Maybe slightly too much fun.

If you can’t be bothered to search through all of the verbs in the English language to find if Lucy’s done them (it took us a long time and we wore out three dictionaries in the process) then feast your eyes on these shots of her being some kind of sexy domestic Goddess. 

Lucy Pinder for Lynx
Insert your own "leg man or breast man" joke here

What follows is a true story. A mate of ours called Aidan (hello, Aidan, if you’re reading) actually used to go to college with Lucy Pinder. We asked him if he had any sexy stories about his time at school with her. We got the following off him over the phone yesterday evening:

“This one time, right, I was drinking in the local with my mates – we must have been about 19 or so. We have a few drinks and one of my mates suggests we have a go on the quiz machine and I’m like, why not? What could go wrong? I could lose 50p. That’s all.

Lucy Pinder for Lynx
No use crying over it

"So we’re doing pretty well and then this question comes up – ‘Which of these page three models has the largest breasts?’ And Lucy Pinder’s one of the options, but I’m not sure. So I turn to my mates – who have all gone pretty quiet – and start mouthing off about how they’re probably the biggest tits around at the moment.

"I might have mentioned some things I wanted to do to them. I realise, midway through a graphic description, that the entire pub’s gone silent. I look behind me.

Lucy Pinder for Lynx
Insert your own "nice bird" joke here

"It’s her dad. 'Don’t you fucking talk about my daughter that way,' he says, inches from my face. I apologise and leave.”

Well, thanks Aidan. No shower-room anecdotes? She didn’t whip ‘em out in maths class one time? No? No. Cheers.