Busty British sexpot glamour model Lucy Pinder: check. Foxy lingerie: check. Silk stockings: check. Fridge full of Lynx: check. Wait, what?

Lucy Pinder, for some reason, has got a fridge full of Lynx deodorant. This doesn’t make sense. Deodorant, when sprayed out of a can, will feel very cold thanks to the cooling effect of the liquid being turned into a gas (and then contacting yer sweaty pits) – that physics, you know. You can’t argue with physics.

Lucy Pinder for Lynx
Don't even try. It's PHYSICS 

So you don’t need to whack them in the fridge to ensure a cool, refreshing underarm (although let’s be honest, all deodorants feel a bit funny, especially if you hold them too close to the skin and then it’s like some miniature airborne crab has attacked your armpit) because physics will do that for you. Which raises the question – precisely why has Lucy Pinder done this?

Perhaps she ran out of room in the bathroom – and yet, no, it doesn’t make sense. She could have put them under the bed, or in the airing cupboard, or anywhere at all other than the bloody fridge. All that milk’s wasted now, after she’s left it out on the table whilst arranging cans of bodyspray. The chicken we were saving for our sandwich tomorrow is dry and useless. That quiche is completely ruined.

Lucy Pinder for Lynx
It took us HOURS to make

And for what? Some cold underarms? And there you stand, Lucy Pinder, lithe and perfect, clad in sexy underwear, looking for forgiveness. Well no. You’ll find none from us. If you’ll excuse us, we’re going to bed.

If you want to play around with Lucy Pinder in a variety of games, you can do worse than going to Lynx's website and having a poke around