Whether you're a big fan of posh reality TV show Made In Chelsea, or whether you hate the gold-paved pomp it's built on, you can't deny that it's a show full of some of the most beautiful ladies on your telly box.

Feisty, bubbly-drinking hotties at that; ones that speak properly so you could probably introduce them to your mum, but also ones with enough of an attitude that you'd probably have an awesome (expensive) laugh with them.

Ladies like Lucy Watson. Here's why you need her on your sexy radar...

She’s feisty and responds to haters by posting stuff like this on Instagram.

She manages to be sexy and supportive at the same time.

She's amazing at jogging.

She’s good at fashion and that.

She likes ice lollies.

She’s sort of unobtainable, which just makes you fancy her more.


Her dog's got more street cred than most people.

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