Gentlemen – look at your shower. Now back to us. Now back at your shower. Now back to us. This shower isn’t your shower, because it can hold 152 people. But if you start using Lynx shower gel instead of lady-scented bodywash, your shower could smell like this one.

Lynx do a really big shower
This MASSIVE shower

Lynx, never-faltering in their goal to make all the world’s men smell slightly better (a noble goal if ever there was one), have outdone themselves. And everyone else, as it happens – everyone else in the field of “getting as many people to have a shower at once", anyway, as they’ve broken the world record.

Before this monumental day, the world record for largest number of people using the same shower in one go was a mere 145. Set back in 2009, it was blown out of the water by Lynx who managed to squeeze a whole SEVEN extra people into their enormous six-metre tall shower on Bournemouth Beach.

Lynx do a big shower
Pictured: beautiful women, a sort of pinkish mass of bloke, that guy pulling the sex-face

Does seven not sound like a lot of people? Just imagine trying to get seven people into your shower – not an easy process. If it helps, imagine trying to get seven of the gorgeous Lynx girls (like those featured running bouncily in the video above) into your shower, or even more fun, six of them and yourself. 

“Sorry girls", you say, “those bikinis are messing up my tessellation algorithms. You’ll have to get rid of them if we’re going to make this work.” And then the camera steams up and pans away as you engage in a sudsy, naked version of babe Tetris. Who said maths can’t be fun?

Lynx do a big shower
'ARRRGGH,' said one participant

Do you want to get under this massive shower? Will you be at V Festival on the 20th and 21st August? Well you are in LUCK, because said massive shower will be at said festival, accompanied by DJs and the like. Nice.