The Emmy Awards happened this weekend. They're a bit like the Oscars but for TV shows. The big winners were the sitcom Modern Family, which won three awards; a mini-series called Temple Grandin, which won five; plus Mad Men and Glee, which won two each.

But the winners were not what everybody was talking about. Everybody was talking about Mad Men's Christina Hendricks. Why? Because Jesus Mary freakin' mother of jumping Jehosophat, look at the picture below.

Mad Men's Christina Hendricks at the Emmys 2010

That woman's chest is out of control. She's like the kind of woman that 12-year-old boys draw on the back of their exercise books and giggle at. Her boobs seem to be getting bigger. At this rate you won't even be able to see her face in about five years. Look, in this picture a small child has been randomly drawn towards them, presumably due to their considerable gravitational pull.

Also look pretty fantastic at the Emmys was Claire Danes, who won Best Actress for Temple Grandin. She's just so pretty. Like an angel made of snow, or morning sun on a lush forest – except she's got lovelier hair and is probably better at conversation.

Claire Danes wins Best Actress for Temple Grandin at the 2010 Emmys

So yes, that was the Emmys.