4 amazingly hot girls that should have been on your radar this month

Posted by , 31 January 2014

Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie

Make no mistake: Aussie screen beauty Margot Robbie is an unfathomably hot human being.  All-knowing film god Martin Scorsese understood this and, for the good of all mankind, he acted accordingly.

She pops up in his latest Oscar-touted flick The Wolf of Wall Street as a feisty seductress who’s got everyone from audiences to Leo DiCaprio firmly wrapped around her sexy little finger.

Don’t think we’re exaggerating when we say that convincing Margot Robbie to bare all for the film-going public could prove to be Marty’s greatest cinematic achievement to date.

Here’s why…
She looks better in a bra than anything else will ever look ever again.

It’s a testament to Margot’s synapse-snapping sexiness that she manages to stand out in a Scorsese epic three-hour, substance-fuelled lunacy, that includes everything from office-chimps to human lawn darts.

This bit in the trailer that you’ve watched on repeat for the past three hours

Stop pretending that you don’t know the part we’re talking about. It's one of the kinkiest scenes committed to film in recent memory and propels our jealousy for Leonardo DiCaprio to nuclear levels.

DiCaprio might have had a pretty distinguished movie career, but it’s fair to suggest this scene is the pinnacle. What other reason would a grown man have for dancing like this?

The night before filming her nude scenes, she devoured an entire apple pie in one sitting

Here at FHM, we can appreciate a lady who understands the immense satisfaction of a late-night portion of artery-clogging Man Food, especially if she still manages to look like this afterwards.

She used to be in Neighbours, so your mum would approve

Your mum’s been watching it religiously since 1985. The only thing better than bringing Margot home for a cup of tea would be if you managed to get Kylie and Jason back together.

Her holiday pictures are better than yours

Words by Nick Pope. Follow him on Twitter here.

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