It was just a normal day for The Only Way Is Essex mainstay Maria Fowler – wandering around Marbella, having fun in a bikini, eating local cuisine – but little did she know that she’d soon be struck with a catastrophic wardrobe misadventure COMPLETELY BY ACCIDENT NO FAKES.

Maria Fowler with a top on
Seriously it is SUCH BAD LUCK

Here you can see that she’s walking around on the beach. She went on a pedalo complete with a water slide (and what a great invention that was – it’s always difficult to just jump into the water from a boat, don’t you think? You just need to elevate yourself a bit, then scoot down your arse on a bit of yellow plastic, and it’s all much easier) but, we’ll be honest with you – no-one looks particularly sexy going down a slide. Even Maria Fowler. You’ll just have to take our word for it.

Of course, you don’t go to the beach to walk on it – you go to swim. Maria jumped into the water and began splashing around like a champ. Probably did the backstroke and everything, you know what she’s like, when all of a sudden –


OH NO MARIA YOUR TOP’S OFF EVERYONE CAN SEE. What a terrible accident. Thank God you got your hands in the way just in time so that there aren’t any pictures of your nipples, and instead there’s a bunch of shots of you holding your wet breasts at the beach.

That was a close one.