Where was Maria Menounos hiding for so long that we didn’t know about her legs before this? We’ve mentioned her in passing, back last year, but since then Maria (and her dynamite pins) haven’t cropped up on our site.

Well, no more! Here she is, promoting her new book on “funny” man Jimmy Fallon’s late-night talk show in the US. And now, for your information and entertainment (infotainment?) are eight things you should know about Maria Menounos:

Maria Menounos laughing on Jimmy Fallon

1) She is Greek. Well, obviously. We didn’t need to tell you that. Sorry. Moving on.

2) She was the first journalist to interview all of the Obamas.

3) Obviously, not all the Obamas. Not all living members of the family. That would have taken ages and made for a pretty boring article.

4) As mentioned above, she has written a book. The book is called The EveryGirls’ Guide to Life, and it includes weight-loss and style tips, cooking recipes, red-carpet advice, and general self-motivation. It is a veritable girls’ Swiss army knife of a book, although it doesn’t tell you how to get stones out of horses’ hooves.

5) She has also invented the word “EveryGirl,” apparently. It is very similar to an earlier trademark by Shaka Khan when she claimed to be every woman, but younger and with fewer spaces.

6) She has wrestled on WWE Raw. She won. We’re not making this up.

7) She has founded the charity “Take Action Hollywood!” which is (officially, mind) shortened to “TAH!” More charities should be names after things you can shout out whilst playing tennis, we feel.

8) She has incredible legs. Just look at those beauties.

Maria Menounos showing off her sexy legs on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
And a picture, too!