What a name, eh? Of course, Marina Lambrini Diamandis is better known as Marina and The Diamonds. We'll be honest – for ages, we thought that The Diamonds were her backing band, when they're in fact just part of her stage name. A bit like the machine that Florence has (presumably the same one that those guys in Rage were so angry about).

Marina Lambrini Diamante
Also, Aqualung is one bloke. We bought two albums before we figured that out

In fact, the diamonds are her fans, according to her website, anyway. That's nice of her. Maybe we should consider renaming ourselves FHM and The Lovely Bunch of Chaps, in honour of our valued readers. Marina's been doing the whole singing bit for years, obvo, but as these are the first pictures of her that we've seen in a while – and she looks pretty awesome, if you don't mind us saying so – we figured that sharing them with you would be a GOOD IDEA.

Marina Lambrini Diamante
Yes? Surely you agree

So what's she up to now? She's on the brink of releasing a new album, called Electra Heart. Far from just being the name of the album, it's a guise that Marina wears, or something - “Electra Heart is the antithesis of everything I stand for”, she said in a recent interview. It gets a bit complicated but apparently it's all about staying intelligent and relevant and not being vacuous and self-centred, a sentiment that we're entirely down with. Probably. Here's one of the songs off  the album, Starring Role:

Pretty good, no? She's also been performing live, a bit, as you can see from these pictures because they've been taken on a stage and that's where people stand when they're performing live. It was all in aid of the Mencap charity, so good work there. Release that album, eh? We're quite looking forward to it.