On our list of things we are excited about in 2012, The Dark Knight Rises is in the top three (just behind the London Olympics and the end of the world as foreseen by the Mayans - that's gonna be something to see). Today, the French - yes, all of them - are saying that Marion Cotillard has joined the cast of the third of Christopher Nolan's Batman films. That could be good.

Marrion Cotillard
Marion Cotillard, recently. Well, quite recently. Last summer. Define recent.

The French newspaper Le Figaro says that "[Cotillard] will do a single film this year and her choice fell on Batman 3". She's been mentioned as a possible part of the cast for ages, mainly because most people who were in Inception have been rumoured as part of the cast at some point or another (only Michael Caine and Tom Hardy are officially onboard), so there's every chance that this report is true. There is also every chance it is total bobbins and merely reporting an old rumour as fact. Who knows? Oh, the joys of the internet!

The Dark Knight Rises logo. Disintegratey.

But who would Marion play? Well, there's no mention of that. It's been widely reported that Warner Bros and Christopher Nolan have been seeing people for two key female roles, one of which was Catwoman and has been filled by Anne Hathaway. The other role is either another villain or a love interest. Cotillard could very well be either.

So, what facts have you learned from this story? That a woman might be in a film. Is that a real fact, you ask? Well sorry, who died and appointed you King of the Dictionary and Things that are Facts? Jesus, just chill out, yeah?