Beautiful women (such as Marisa Miller) and outrageous amounts of firepower (such as those witnessed in Call of Duty) are two things we can get behind without any shame whatsoever. Like the changing of the seasons and the singing of the birds, fancying a bikini model and wanting to offload a clip of full-auto 5.56 downrange are perfectly natural.

So it’s convenient, then, that those two things were at least close to one another over last weekend. In sunny Los Angeles California, the first ever Call of Duty XP event took place complete with the world’s 7th Sexiest Woman in attendance - and looked a bit like Comic Con (which we braved back in July, if you’re interested) but with Call of Duty in place of all those nerds.

Marisa Miller at the CoD XP event
That message behind her actually reads "ALL OF MARISA MILLER IS NOT IN THIS PICTURE"

Is that a good thing? Probably, yeah – we love nerds (some of us even are nerds, on the weekends – we’ve fought a few 3rd-level Goblins in our time, we’ll have you know) but when you condense that many of them into such a small space they become a single costumed entity.* Although we’d wager thousands of hooting CoD fans might have a similar effect.

On offer, aside from the chance to occasionally catch a glimpse of Marisa Miller, was a full Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 tournament (which ended in UK team Infinity narrowly missing 1st place and having to make do with only $200,000 between the four of them), bomb-disposal suit sumo wrestling, and a real-life recreation of MW2 level Scrapyard which players could run around and shoot paintball guns at each other.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? God willing, we’ll be at next year's event.

*Seriously. You can’t tell where one nerd ends and the next begins. It’s like the climax of Akira but with more novelty t-shirts