Marisa MillerSports Illustrated mainstay and all-round gorgeous lady type – is on the cover of a magazine. This magazine is called Boston Common, and they decided to take a video of themselves taking the pictures of gorgeous Marisa Miller in a bikini. So well done them.

Marisa Miller for Boston Common magazine
Round of applause, please, ladies and gents

They also decided – for reasons we cannot quite discern – to take pictures of Marisa Miller wearing more clothes than her standard scanty bikini. Like dresses. Dresses are fine, don’t get us wrong, but if you’ve got the option of bikinis we’re not entirely sure why you’d pick ‘em.

Also, there appears to be a problem with one of the dresses. The dress, being a physical object on earth, obeys the laws of gravity. But clearly they ordered an anti-gravity dress to lend Marisa an otherworldly allure, yet it did not arrive. This is probably because it is stuck floating against the roof of the sorting office like a helium balloon at a party.

Marisa Miller for Boston Common magazine
All buoyant and lonely

So, to make up for this terribly mundane dress with absolutely no special powers, they spend much of the photoshoot flinging it up in the air – either having Marisa do it, or enlisting a team of specialists to chuck it upwards and give the impression that Marisa is not bound by our earthly Laws of Physics and instead acts in accordance with the much less-well-known Laws of Glamour.

Marisa Miller for Boston Common magazine
We'd give her an equal and opposite reaction, if you know what we mean

Luckily, much of the video is focused on her fantastic curves in that aforementioned bikini, and for that we are truly thankful. Good work all round, Boston Common magazine. You can do this as much as you like.