That’s right, all of the above! In one article! Could you be any luckier? Probably not. Not unless you took some pretty extreme measures.

Marisa Miller at a beach party
Extreme measures which we'll detail later, we assure you

Marisa Miller, for example, is not only there but looks fantastic. Obviously. Finding an article about her is lucky straight off the bat, although perhaps nothing to be shouted about. It’s strictly low-level luck, like successfully avoiding a black cat or stopping someone from breaking a mirror.

Vanessa Hudgens at a beach party
Or, going the right way round a ladder, that sort of thing

But Vanessa Hudgens, too? Now we’re talking. Vanessa Hudgens was both hosting and judging an event called Walk the Walk which Marisa happened to attend. Walk the Walk is run by skater/surfer-types Hurley who also make clothes, we’re told. To get the pair of them in an article – that’s the same article, with no extra clicking on your behalf to read it – is fairly fortuitous.

To trigger an event like that, you’d normally have to up your luck quotient by boiling a handful of four-leafed clovers in some water and drinking the green but potent runoff like a psychoactive tea.

Then we come to the crux of the lucky break – the dancing surfers. Above is a fantastic video from last year which we found when we were trying to discover just what the hell Walk the Walk actually entails, and it sheds some light on the matter. It’s a kind of happy cheerleading interpretive dance contest, filled with acrobatic stunts, skateboarding, and bikinis. Top notch.

This is the sort of combination that just doesn’t come along very often. If you wanted to get all of those things in an article again, you’d probably need to collect the luckiest rabbits’ feet that you can find and carry them around in your pockets about for a month. How do you hunt lucky rabbits, you ask? We use a specially modified gun that shoots horseshoes, just to try and out-luck them.

Vanessa Hudgens and Marisa Miller at a beach party
Chewing white heather whilst lining up your shots helps too

Of course, the really lucky rabbits are almost impossible to hit even with a gun that fires horseshoes, so to outwit them we tour rabbit warrens posing as an executive from the National Carrot Lottery and claim to have a prize of £10,000 worth of carrots. Then if one looks complacent, as though it happens to him all the time, we jump him and rip off his feet.

It’s a harsh business. Perhaps we’ve said too much. Enjoy the pictures.