Here are three important things that you should know as a Mary Elizabeth Winstead fan. If you're not already a fan, these three things are also a great place to start:

1 – Mary Elizabeth Winstead has a rather long name. Some might say it is too long to comfortably fit in headlines. It conjures images of horse riding on the landowner's rolling hills and verdant lawns, of scandalous Downton Abbey-style romances, and a brace of cucumber sandwiches washed down with a well-aged brandy.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead at The Thing premiere
'More croquet, Madam?'

2 – Mary Elizabeth Winstead is beautiful. Not just sexy (which she is, mind) but genuinely, ray-of-light-breaking-the-clouds birds-singing-on-a-spring-morning beautiful. She looks like the sort of person who writes letters on thick notepaper and sends them to her important friends, then puts on a big jumper and stares out of the window over a rainy city, looking introspective and thoughtful.

3 – Mary Elizabeth Winstead is in The Thing. The Thing is a prequel to John Carpenter's horror classic (also called The Thing, rather confusingly – what's wrong with The Thing -1?) and Ms Winstead plays Dr Kate Lloyd – like Kurt Russel in the first film, but with a good dash of Ellen Ripley off Alien thrown in for good measure. We have to assume that things don't work out too well for her and her friends, given that the sequel is already in existence.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead at The Thing premiere
Bad luck, love

So, with no further ado, please enjoy these pictures of the long-named Mary Elizabeth Winstead looking beautiful at the premiere for The Thing two nights ago in LA. What? Filler article? Uninformative bollocks? Us? Never.