We’ve barely written about Maryna Linchuk at all before. Barely. Just one measly picture (and a tiny picture at that) in this old article about her dressing up as a WAG. Well, we’ve been hiding her light under a bushel, as it were, and we say to you – no more!

Dunno what she's eating here. Jam maybe

Just out of interest, we quickly looked up the phrase “hiding your light under a bushel.” Did you know that it’s biblical in origin? And a bushel, apparently, can “hold 60lb of potatoes” but only “50lb of rutabagas.” How does that work? Are rutabagas unsuitable for the vegetable Tetris clearly inherent when stocking your bushel?

Maryna can't sit properly on chairs. Sad but true

We’re getting off topic, excuse us. We tend to get quite etymological on a Friday afternoon. It comes from writing words all week, see. You start to see through them and wonder what they all mean, a bit like in The Matrix. But without Carrie-Anne Moss or Bullet-Time.

She also gets very thirsty

Anyway! Maryna Linchuk! You’d almost think we had very little to say about her aside from “here are some recent pictures of her wearing some lovely lingerie for Nordstrom.” And, well, you’d be right. That’s about all there is to say. She hasn’t even had the decency to go out to a gala award ceremony or nothin'.

More jam, here. Probably

She’s just sitting around looking really, really sexy in her underwear. What a gyp. If you want to see some more of her pictures and read very little in the way of insightful commentary, then by all means pop over to Guyism.com where there are further pictures of her in a similar situation.