Soundtrack to Chloe’s video is Ordinary Man by FALCON. Sculpted from an eclectic mix of influences, the London four-piece have towering drum beats, confrontational bass lines, veneered guitar parts, and poetic verses. Visit FALCON on MySpace

Chloe, eh? She’s a card, we can tell you. Two weeks ago we were buying her a Martini in a wine bar, and now she’s holding a whip and wearing one of those confusing bras that open at the front. We’re not sure if we’re being punished or rewarded, but we’re sure as hell keen to find out. Want to see more of Chloe? Read on:



Bloody sexy special issue!

45 pages of nocturnal naughtiness starring thee vampire vixens; 30 Days of Night's Diora Baird, Twilight's Christian Serratos and True Blood's Natasha Alam.That's right - three beauties making fang-bearers everywhere salivate rapaciously.

November FHM Dioara Baird

FHM fights crime!

Two office wimps, Matt Hambly and Olly Richards, muster the courage to become nocturnal crime-fighting superheroes. Well, that was the brief. But we'll be honest - it was more like Twatman and Bobbin. Read all about their efforts - and their unbearably sweaty balls - in this month's Editor's Challenge.

Have you ever paid for sex?

Rooney and Crouch aren't alone, you know: one in every ten men has. So why is bedding harlots still taboo? One FHM writer goes undercover to find out...

Illegal minicab driving!

Jim Maxwell goes undercover as an illegal minicab driver. Turns out playing at the dregs of the taxi industry, with piss stains on your seats and projectile vomit down the back of your neck, can be a bit shit.

Six steps to a rugby-like physique!

Six-feet-four-inch, sixteen-and-a-half-stone Lewis 'Mad Dog' Moody talks us through what to do and how to eat to achieve a World Cup-winning physique. If you follow it, you'll get tonk. Fact.

13 things you only do at night!

You know: the back page. The funny bit. 

PLUS: Batman! Graverobbers! Jedi Knights! Sex dolls! Pumpkins!

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