Ya know the opening credits of Quantum of Solace? No? Well allow us to refresh your memory…
See the giant, nudey silhouette in the sand?GF Jessica in Quantum of Solace

Well, that giant, nudey silhouette is called Jessica (not Judi Dench) and she's this month's FHM Girlfriend. Pretty cool claim to fame, eh?

In our new issue,
we meet Jessica out of the sand and shadows for one hell of a sexy shoot and learn such things as:

  • She has also been a gold-painted dancer for Kanye West at the Brit Awards.
  • Her signature dance move is something called the Pussy Squat.
  • She's best mates with the Honey Monster.

Intrigued? We thought so. Check her out for yourself in the behind-the-scenes video up top and meet more amazing girls every month with an FHM subscription.