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So, without further ado, it's time to introduce the very first FHM Girlfriend on FHM.com.

Name: Sophie Weiss

From: Leeds in West Yorkshire

Age: 21

Occupation: Personal trainer

Sophie FHM Girlfriend

Favourite things: Animals, peanut butter and sexy lingerie. Not all at the same time, mind.

Likes: Going to the gym, nights out, drawing - anything creative, really.

Dislikes: Everything about coffee, moths and bad hair days.

Fun fact: I'm one quarter German.

How to impress me: I love guys who know how to make a girl laugh. They don't have to be rich or have fancy cars. I care more about the little things that money can't buy.
Sophie FHM GirlfriendI'm a down-to-earth, fun girl who is always looking for the next adventure. I always try to look on the bright side of life.

Sophie FHM GirlfriendI love keeping fit and staying in shape, whether it's boxing, swimming or hitting the dance floor.

Sophie FHM GirlfriendWhen it comes to guys, I'll always go for personality over looks. I just want a guy who knows how to make a girl laugh and make her happy. But they have to smell fresh!

Sophie FHM GirlfriendEven though I spend a lot of time in the gym, I'm not an exercise freak. I still love a good night in with a good movie and some great junk food.

Sophie FHM GirlfriendI love to do a little promotional work in my spare time too.

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