That’s not just any hot Australian girl in a bikini, y’know. That hot Australian girl in a bikini is none other than Holly-Anne Visser.

Wow, Holly-Anne Visser. In a bikini. AMAZING. Just one thing: who’s Holly-Anne Visser?

Holly-Anne Visser is the reigning Miss Tourism Australia.

Oh, right, yeah. Miss Tourism Australia. That makes sense. Hot Australian girl in a bikini Holly-Anne Visser is a good choice for Miss Tourism Australia. Wait… what? What’s a ‘Miss Tourism Australia?’

Miss Tourism Australia is… er… well… you know… it’s someone who… like… does some tourism-ing… in Australia… and is female. Okay, hands up, we confess, we don’t really know what a ‘Miss Tourism Australia’ is.

Holly-Anne Visser
"Ah, just remembered I left the oven on..."

It sounds like a pretty cushy job, though. Australia doesn’t exactly struggle for tourism as it is. We can imagine Holly-Anne Visser being briefed on the first day of her new job:

“Right, we know it’s a difficult and thankless task, but do your best to get some people to come to Australia. You can tell them about our fantastic weather, the lovely beaches, all the gorgeous women, how much sport there is going on, our passion for barbecued meat, the amazing wildlife you won’t see anywhere else in the world, our many fantastic cities and wonderful culture, our out of this world natural landmarks, or you could just whack on a bikini and try to seduce a crocodile.”

Only in Australia. God bless you, Australia.

Holly-Anne Visser
"And you're sure he doesn't like blondes?"