Using your powers of memory, cast your minds back to July. July 5th, in fact – one day after Independence day, when the air in America still smelt of fading firework cordite and freedom fries lay scattered around the pavement. We wrote an article about the beautiful Megan Fox that seemed to go down well with you chaps, considering it only featured a two-minute video of her chatting about lipstick.

 Megan Fox for Armani
This makeup is so good it makes your eyes a terrifying blue colour

Although, come to think of it, we did put a hilarious .gif of a cat coming out of a box and looking surprised, so that might be why you liked it. So, without further ado: another Megan Fox article with a hilarious .gif of a cat coming out of a box wedged incongruously in the middle!

Cracker Jumper GIF - Cracker Jumper
Here it is! Rawr!

These shots are from Megan's latest camapign with Armani – seeing as they've taken her off jean duty, having filled her role with the very-capable Rihanna in an advert that's both sexy and daft – in which she's advertising makeup. And hoo boy howdy, that's some good makeup. 

Consider this – Megan Fox is blisteringly attractive to begin with. Most of yer supermarket makeup wouldn't even make a dent on that, and would probably refuse to stick to her lovely face out of sheer decency. For makeup to make Megan Fox look even better than she usually does, it's got to be some pretty hot shit.

Megan Fox for Armani
They should put that on the ad. "Armani Slap: It's Pretty Hot Shit"

So, you know, good work all round. It's not quite as good as when she was writhing around in jeans and a bra for our entertainment, but it's still good to see Megan's beautiful face of a Thursday afternoon, isn't it?