Two questions: Are the new Megan Fox in Armani underwear pictures dramatically different from the previous Megan Fox in Armani underwear pictures? No. Are they still pictures of Megan Fox in underwear and therefore worthy of more than passing attention? Yes, obvs.

Megan's concrete fetish got the better of her

While the previous pictures we told you about were the actual campaign shots, these are behind-the-scenes snaps. That means you really get to see the gritty stuff that goes on during the fashiony picture sessions. Gritty things like, for example, people wearing shirts with rolled-up sleeves. This fashion business is so casual.

Megan Fox leaning against a wall and looking a bit sad

Or things like screens being used to make you think someone's against a black wall, when they are in fact just against a bit of black fabric. The scales really fall from your eyes at such revelations don't they? It really is quite shocking.


Megan has been the face and body of Armani for quite a while now. You may remember this series of pictures that were taken of her in Armani pants last year. Or this series of pictures of her in jeans. Or this video of her wearing jeans and moving about like a real live person. Heady times.