Megan Fox is currently filming some snowboarding scenes for her new movie Friends with Kids. But since this ‘news’ involves publishing pictures of Megan in a big jacket and salopettes, we’re going to ignore it in favour of featuring the above ‘leaked’ pic from her forthcoming Armani Beauty campaign.

Look at it. She looks so pretty, doesn’t she? Which would be great if… we wanted the 24-year-old to look pretty, but we don’t, do we? No, we want the former Transformers star to look sexy. Sexy, like she did in our July 2008 cover shoot. And sexy, like she did in the other shots on this page, which were taken for an Emporio Armani underwear campaign.

Marilyn Monroe was an 'arse' woman

Look at them. She looks so sexy, doesn’t she? But just how sexy, readers? Sexy enough to reclaim the FHM Sexiest Woman in the World crown she won in 2008? Or merely sexy enough to come second, like she did in 2010? It’s time for you to decide and then cast your vote in FHM’s Sexiest Women in the World 2011.

Megan's 'armpit fart' gag eased the tension

Have you ever won a vote, men? Were you named ‘most likely to succeed 2007’? Or 'largest penis in the changing room 2001'? Or indeed anything in between? Let us know and if we deem your award worthy of publication, you’ll receive £25.

Teacher's pets: sexy

FHM isn’t one of those people who claims “we never win anything". We’ve won lots of stuff. Including Magazine of the Year, Website of the Year, Writer of the Year and Best Hair. It’s the hair one that we’re most proud of. Obvs.

Mirror was so aroused right now