The above video of Megan Fox looking all sultry and mysterious in glorious monochrome, you’ll notice, is precisely twenty-one seconds long. That reminds us of UK garage act So Solid Crew’s only Number 1 hit, the relevantly titled 21 Seconds.

In that song, each of the band’s members is given just 21 seconds to perform their rap. It all adds up – stick with us, we’re entering maths territory – because the song’s tempo is 140 beats per minute and each rapper is given 12 bars of four beats. 12 bars of four beats makes 48 beats, right. Well, 48 beats at 140bpm equates to… yep, 21 seconds. Boom. Yes. Wallop. Hello, maths. Consider yourself OWNED.

The music video for 21 Seconds, which you’ll see in a minute, won Best British Video at the 2002 Brit Awards. 

The video of Megan Fox in Armani stuff didn’t win the Brit Award for Best British Video in 2002. That could be because it’s not British. Or because it was only just made so the judges would’ve had to travel forward in time about nine years and take the video back with them which would have changed everything like in Back to the Future. Or it could be because that award is for music videos, not gorgeous women prancing around in underwear to sell stuff videos. Or it could be a vicious conspiracy whereby the Brit judges hate Megan Fox and would rather cruelly shave a kitten than let her win an award. Who knows? Not us.