We know a fair bit about Megan Fox.

We know she’s currently the second sexiest woman in the world (her new ranking, of course, will be announced on 5 May – stay tuned, 100 Sexiest Fans!). We know she says she’s good at Guitar Hero. 

We know she once had a run with a shark whilst surfing, and that she didn’t know that she was the female lead in Transformers until after shooting had finished. We know that she reportedly spends “most of what she makes” on shoes. That’s a lot of shoes.

Megan Fox stands near a funny-looking old Jaguar
We did the maths and it's about 700 pairs

Creepily, we also know that she dislikes the sound of people breathing so much that she’s described it as a “phobia,” which is a flimsy excuse to hold up in court after the murders but we’ll have to wait and see.

And now from the magic of investigative photojournalism (i.e. looking at pictures we’re found) we can tell that she doesn’t really care much about Jaguars.

These shots were taken at a celebration for the Jaguar E-Type, as it’s been knocking around for fifty years and is still looking pretty swish. Megan was invited to stand around near the Jaguars, maybe crack a smile for the cameras, and generally glam up an affair that was otherwise filled with grey-haired men in suits, but no ties.

Megan Fox glumly endorses an E-Type Jag

And look at her, there, sulking away. Like she couldn’t take one of those for a spin if she wanted to. All she’d need to do is sweet-talk the guard and she’d be away, but no. She’s going to stand around looking glum and gorgeous.

Cheer up, love. It might never happen.