Few of us would disagree that Megan Fox possesses an other-worldly beauty, but just in case you weren’t totally convinced, her appearance as an angel in the new flick Passion Play should be sufficient to convert those remaining myopia sufferers. A fantasy action romantic thriller co-starring Bill Murray and Mickey Rourke, it sounds bonkers. And if the critical response by the snobs at the Toronto Film Festival is anything to go, it may well shape up to be the turkey of the year. However, ever the optimists, we’re sure that the apparition of that sylph-like nymph will redeem all. And if not, there’s always Mickey Rourke’s lumpy face to marvel at.

Fox plays Lily, a winged carnival spectacle who yearns to escape the daily terrors of life as an entertainer. Why she can’t just fly off to the nearest desert island, God only knows. Maybe her body-wing ratio is incompatible with long distance flying. Or it could also be equally likely that her in-built sat nav has been permanently incapacitated due to her lack of a Y chromosome. But who cares. If it gives us the opportunity to appreciate her impeccable form a little longer, only a fool would focus on the minutiae of plot detail.

Now, a final word from the Fox. She kindly requests that you don’t go rifling through the internet to find the leaked images taken of her topless by some pervert whilst on set for the film. We do NOT condone this sort of behaviour either. There shouldn’t be the hassle of rifling.