Is there anything better than hot girls wearing long socks? Until today, we thought not. But it turns out, there is, and it’s Megan Fox wearing long socks. Seeing the Transformers star busting out knee-highs is not only great because the 24-year-old actress looks pretty nice wearing said socks, but also because talking about her wearing them is quite fun. “Megan Fox wears socks”. “Megan Fox… socks”. Heh. Yeah, we’re easily amused.

Apparently Megan was just on her way to the shops when she was spotted wearing her lovely socks (we’ll stop this soon), but being the cynical bunch we are, we reckon that Megan might have had an ulterior motive in her choice of outfit.

See, not too long ago we saw Megan showing of her tats in a shoot for the latest in the Emporio Armani underwear campaign. Chances are having a gorgeous Hollywood movie star fronting your advertising campaign will probably help sell a product. We reckon that might be why Giorgio signed Megan up. Just an inkling, like.

The Totes logos were probably photoshopped off here.

And we think socks giants Totes might have followed Armani’s lead and snapped up Megan for their latest range of Toasties, because if you look closely, you can see the rubber grippy bits on the bottom of her socks in the pictures.

Okay, not really, Megan hasn’t been signed to become the new face of slipper socks, as far as we know, but if we were the owner of Totes, we’d definitely be signing Megan up to sell our gear.  We’ve got a good idea for the advertising campaign, too.  It involves Megan, a pair of thermal socks and not much else.