This is Megan Fox’s new advert for Emporio Armani and specifically their underwear department. It’s not very long, but that’s because it’s just a teaser encouraging people to head over to on September 15 to see what happens next. It’s really mean. So cynical. So manipulative. But absolutely guaranteed to work. We’ll be there on September 15. It’s a Wednesday. In a slightly upsetting twist, the campaign also features Cristiano Ronaldo in a similarly teasy video created for lusty women. The small but perfectly formed team went batshit for it. Good blog, that. FHM approved (NOT because of the pictures of footballers looking muscly and sweaty, but because it’s FUNNY). We’ve probably said too much already. Let’s just leave Cristiano Ronaldo out of this.

Megan Fox has been photographed in her underwear by Armani before. Do we have pictures? YUP. Here are five pictures of Megan Fox in Armani underwear. Then there’s the picture of her in old-fashioned corsety underwear on the set of Jonah Hex. Also very good. We’ve got a bra-less Megan Fox in the bath, but it’s impossible to say whether or not she’s wearing pants underneath the foam for the sake of modesty. We’d like to think that’s not very likely. And you’ve seen the pictures of Megan Fox in her gym gear, right? She’s not wearing underwear in those epic thigh-hugging sort-of-trousers-but-equally-sort-of-shorts lycra. Or is she?! Do we detect a hint of a thong? Do Armani make thongs? Whatever. Last, and probably least, there are the recent 'all married and grown-up' snaps she did for Elle magazine. Hate those.

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