Listen up, chaps. We know it's late on Friday. We know you think you might have better things to do, but the absolute best thing you can do for the next three minutes is watch this video. It's a video of beautiful young lady Melanie Iglesias and her equally hot best friend, see.

Melanie Iglesias and friend
Here they are

Well, it's not actually a video. It's a flipbook-style composite of over 2,000 pictures that were taken of her by Michael Creagh, who we reckon needs to have some kind of honorary Prophet status for alerting us to Melanie's presence.

Because she's so pretty. She's like Cintia Dicker – in that carefree, jump-around-in-yer-pants and wear a silly hat kind of way – but, and this is important, she's even hotter. And Cintia Dicker is already a bloody supermodel.

Melanie Iglesias
Underwear: zesty

And she's fun, clearly, too. And she has a magic umbrella that changes her clothing, and MOST OF HER CLOTHES ARE UNDERWEAR. She takes off her pants to reveal another pair of pants hidden underneath. That's genius, right? To have the attraction of pant removal, coupled with the socially-acceptable wearing of pants?

Her friend tries to dress her, but she's having none of it. We like that. We're not entirely down with the bit where they wear animal masks and jump around on inflatable wildlife, but you know, we'll let them off. Goddamn but she's hot, though.

Also, this video is Part 2 – and much like that old aphorism about smoke and fires, there's no Part 2 without Part 1. So above is part one. Watch it. Watch it and remember where you were when you saw it, because we reckon that Melanie's so hot she actually qualifies as a life-changing experience.