5 Golden Globe hotties you never noticed before they melted the red carpet last night

Posted by , 13 January 2014



Star of the uber-nerdy, uber-awesome The Big Bang Theory, Rauch was the one that had a full-on She’s All That moment at last night's Golden Globes.
Ditching the specs and geek chic, she wore a tight and bright yellow dress that was less an item of clothing and more a shiny beacon of sexiness that exploded right in front of our retinas the second Melissa Rauch stepped out in it.
She’s a funny, sexy lady that does awesome things, like turn up to the Golden Globes on a motorbike.

She manages to hold her own against someone like Kaley Cuoco.

And she’s quite easily the second hottest Smurf we’ve ever seen after Smurfette herself.

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