Better known as Bernadette, the star of uber-nerdy, uber-awesome The Big Bang Theory, Melissa Rauch was the one that had a full-on She’s All That moment at the last Golden Globes.

Swiftly making everyone in the FHM office crane their necks and go: “Who the hell is she!?”

Ditching the specs and geek chic, she turned up on a motorbike in a skintight yellow dress that was less an item of clothing and more a shiny beacon of sexiness that exploded right in front of our retinas and we fell in love.

Like lovesick teenagers. Here’s why she’s amazing:


She likes the same films that we do.

She loves a geeky selfie.

But also does the other kind of awesome selfies: Which absolutely make the world go round. And then there are GIFs like these...





And she's even sexy when she's blue...