You remember Michelle Baker, right?

She popped up on our radar in November last year when she sent us some pictures of her pretending to fly a plane naked.

Then she came back in December to wish us all a Merry Christmas by sending us some pictures of her frolicking around at home in her underwear.

We didn’t hear from her for a few months – we were doing our own thing; growing as people, you know how it is – and then she rocketed back into our lives with some shots of her in sexy lingerie and some advice on how to keep her happy.

Michelle Baker in a flowery bikini

Well guess what, this isn’t just a pointless retrospective reminiscing about the good times – M-Bakes is back.

She’s sent us a lovely video of her wearing TeenyB bikinis that she recently shot in the Bahamas.

Michelle Baker also told us something rather interesting when she furnished us with this video...

"I am coming to England this summer for the first time ever!!! So excited!!! =)"

Michelle Baker in a pink bikini

So, Michelle Baker is coming to England for the first time ever, eh?

Any tips on what she should do while she's here, friends?

Any offers to chaperone her on a lovely day of touristy fun?

Maybe you could take her to the park for a lovely picnic? Or to your favourite pub garden for a refreshing glass of cider with ice? She might even buy you an ice cream to say thanks for your hospitality.

Or, it's equally possible, she might be all like, "Get away from me you weirdo, I've got no idea who you are. And no, I don't want to play Aerobie."